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After trying the make up I bought at Inglot, that I presented in that post, I wanted to try another palette that I bought in Poland, the In the Nude from W7 (the one in the back, I know I should have made another picture for this post, forgive my Saturday afternoon laziness …)

The tones here are pink-ish, most of the eye shadows are shimmery, and they seem pretty pigmented. They seem ! Oh deception … I applied layers after layers on my little eye lids, nothing shows :( Maybe my base was not good enough, which I don’t think since it’s good enough for pretty much anything else ? Or maybe my skin is too dark for that kind of pink light nude tones ? I received the advice to slightly moisten the brush before tapping it onto the shadow, so the color would stick better to the eye lid, and pop better too… What do you think ? Oh well, at least I could wear a super bright pink lipstick, Mandy from the Make Up Store, without it being too much !

That lipstick has the exact same color as my Zara top, it’s amazing ! And so easy then, when I wear it, to decide what make up I’ll have with it. It does give me the Barbie Girl look, but as I go gentle on the eyes and don’t put sky blue eye lashes, I still look like a proper lady … Well at least I hope so !

Here is the whole result :

I hope you guys liked today’s make up ! If you have the answers to my existential questions, or any other comment, please share :) Bisous bisous :*