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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Ibelongtothe60s !

Yesterday, after writing about my super haul at the make up store, I got all excited to try everything out, so I went to the bathroom, washed and prepared my face, and opened the foundation stick … The sells-guy got it wrong, and gave me the darkest color of the collection ! I’m talking Michelle Obama dark ! I prepared the whole case in my head, since they usually refuse to refund your purchase or exchange it when it comes to make up, I was so determined when I got back to the store, … and the guy was actually super nice, apologized 5 times and gave me the good shade back ! So, another good point for you, Make Up Store !

However great that made my day, I could not take pictures and review it, so I used my Revlon Colorstay foundation, with some basic Sephora powder to matify it. I could try out the matte red lipstick though ! I love love love it ! I wear it with a dark green, almost blue jumper, it doesn’t look Christmassy though, just a bit dark maybe … What do you think ? And as I’m into a nude period, I used my Nude’tude palette from The Balm to do my eyes. This was much better than the W7 that I reviewed in my previous posts (In the Nude, and Lightly Toasted). I only needed to apply a tiny amount of powder and the pigment poped right away on my lid ! However same little reproach, not enough matte shades, making it quite inconvenient for hooded-eyed persons like me, especially to draw the crease.

I hope you liked that post, I may post a picture of today’s make up tomorrow, however I’m really not quite sure if I like it or not (and I’m going to work in 20 minutes, yay! not late at all to change my mind.) Bisous bisous :*