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If there is one thing, more sacred than make up and clothes, that is family ! And as 4 of my relatives were visiting me from Paris the last 3 weeks, I did not take the time to write, hence my absence here. I did have the time to shop though, and here are 2 little treasures I found at Lush.

DSCN2955 DSCN2959

I already had a scrub from Lush that I previously mentioned here (it was actually my first review!) but I bought a new one called Ocean Salt. That scrub literally smells like margarita ! It has coarse salt in it to scrub gently the skin and open the pores, lemon juice to cleans the pores, and even vodka ! Yes my dears, vodka, that disinfects and helps against blackheads and blocked pores. It is slightly aggressive, and stings a bit so it was advised to use it only once or twice a week, as opposed to the Dark Angels that you can almost use on regular basis. It also contains fresh avocado and coconut, to smoothen the skin and moisturize it after attacking the pores. It is white-ish with some blue stains in it, and feels kind of like wet sand on your hands.


I read funny things in the reviews, like “it’s too salty”, “it stinks like sea water”, or even “don’t put on your mouth it tastes like salt” … People are funny aren’t they ? :) As for me, I love this scrub ! I have used it twice already and it leaves my skin very fresh and smooth, while removing as much dirt as possible.

After scrubbing your face, what you need to do is apply a mask, so the pores don’t stay open, waiting for new dirt to fall right in. I bought one called Brazened Honey.


The Brazened Honey also contains tones of natural elements such as honey (duh!) but also ginger, lime, egg, parsley, coriander, turmeric, fennel, sage and rosemary. No it’s not a stew, I’m still talking about a face mask ! It is mustard-yellow, and smells very strong, like a big spicy veggie stew. As a fresh mask, I was advised to keep it in the fridge, and use it within 2 weeks, every other day. I apply it in a thin layer and together with the scrub it helped tightening my pores, getting rid of little annoying blackheads, and making my complexion brighter and smoother

( I took a picture of myself with the mask on, thinking that you can’t die from being ridiculous, but on second thought I think you can, so I will not post that picture)

I hope you guys found these reviews interesting, if you have any opinion on these products, or any advice about other products of that kind, let me know :) Good luck for the coming week, bisous bisous :*