Hello hello you girls and guys ! I wanted to show you today a super quick make up that got a lot of success on social media (I post the pictures on FB or Instagram before I actually post them here). The looks was inspired by 2 things : Yves Saint Laurent, and the need to stay in bed 15 minutes more in the morning because I was too tired. Yes, even I think sometimes, fuck make up, when it comes to getting up !

What I love about Yves Saint Laurent is that he is not afraid to mix pink with red, or blue with green, which may sound horrible and and clashy and almost vulgar, but somehow he makes it go wonderful together. I already told you here and there, how much I had been inspired by him after my visit to Marrakesh. Here I decided to mix a green liner on the mobile lid, at the root of the lashes but thicker than normal, a blue khol pencil on the root of the lower lashes, and 2 coats of blue Mascara. And that’s it ! No primer, no eye-shadow, no smoky, no crease, nothing !


I kept it super simple with my foundation and contouring too : BB cream all over, and bronzer on the cheekbones, sides of the nose and little touch on the bridge, above the brows and around the face as usual. It creates the effect that I spent 3 weeks in the sun and I naturally look great. The pink of the blush would have ruined the whole effect.

DSCN2780 DSCN2764

I wore it with matching clothes, a green sleeveless shirt from H&M and an electric blue pair of pants from Mango. I would have liked to avoid the belt but I lost a lot of weight recently so I had to have it, however I think the white one suits the looks pretty well. Then my peachy lipstick from the Make Up Store to add some lights and colors to my face, but in a discreet manner.

DSCN2773 DSCN2775

I hope you liked that make up and that outfit (that I admit you can’t see very well…) and I hope it inspired you ! You can check all my other looks on Instagram at @laumoody or just come back here and check my next posts. Bisous bisous ! :*