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I have been posting a lot of make up looks lately, and as much as I liked all of them, and all the colors I used for them, I think they were all too nude / discreet / a bit boring in the end. I really missed playing with colors last week and have been looking for inspiration on the Internet and in the shops. As my eyes are light brown I wanted to buy some green shadows and pencils to pop the color. I went to NYX, in the only shop there is in Sweden, and I was amazed by what they had. I contained myself extremely and only bought 3 products.

DSCN2607 DSCN2605

The first thing I found was the Slide On Pencil. The name of the shade is Tropical, it’s a deep dark green, almost going towards the blue but stopping right before. I would say it depends on the light, it looks blue-er sometimes. The shade is slightly shimmery, then again depending on the light, and extremely pigmented. It is very creamy and not hard at all so you can blend it perfectly as an eye liner or just leave it bold and sharp. It is also waterproof, so you can use it on the waterline of your eye.

I will avoid the total look “green all over my eyes” but I did buy a green eye-shadow too, the Prismatic Eye-shadow in shade Jaded. It comes in a black and silver little round case and has an adorable little bow on it, that makes the case super girly and easy to open. That color is purely marvelous ! That green goes more towards the leaves, like dry bushes pines, you know ? But shimmery, almost metallic. It is very pigmented too, and seems to be very easy to blend.

DSCN2610 DSCN2626DSCN2627

My last purchase is an amazing Roll-on eye shimmer, in a Salmon shade. Basically you just make the little ball roll over your eyelid and it gets covered in glitters. And when I say covered, I mean, co-ve-red ! The coverage is extremely dense, and it shines and sparkles, it’s just wonderful ! The color is in a light pink, I will probably use it for the “light touch” in the center of the mobile lid, or for the inner corner, using a brush for that though, since the ball may be too big.

DSCN2617 DSCN2621 DSCN2630DSCN2606

The great thing about this haul, is that I won’t have to think twice tomorrow morning about “what will I use today, what color should I have on my eyes”. I just can’t wait to try them on, I’m actually considering putting the alarm 15 minutes earlier so I really have time to enjoy them.

Have you tried any products from NYX before ? Do you like it ? Why, why not ?

Thank you for reading, I hope you have a nice evening ! Bisous bisous :*