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I purchased a while ago the Oh So Special palette from Sleek, and have been playing with it a little while, and then just left it on the side. I found it again yesterday and wondered why … That palette is marvelous ! For once there are not 1 but 7 matte shade in a palette, it is pink and light colored but still pigmented, at lease enough to appear on my dark skin. It blends perfectly, it stays on all day … I’m considering giving my In the Nude palette from W7 away, as this one is so much better !

For this look I have applied the light matte beige all over my lid, then the light pink over my crease and the darker matte pink to reinforce and darken it, and a shimmery light pink in the middle of my mobile crease. I know, names would have been perfect here, but I tried to take a picture with the little plastic foil and the names on it and it just ruined the colors. So … Just have a guess ! haha

To go with these eyes I used did an ombré on my lips, with a dark pink on the outside and a lilac on the inside. Considering that I did that in the subway with my tiny mirror, I’m pretty happy of how it turned out. It looks a bit 90s though, what do you think ? And I was wearing a silky purple/wine shirt that matched perfectly that look. Only thing is my hair was on day 3 so I really couldn’t make them good (so frustrating, by the way, when you look good but your pictures turn chitty because of one detail)

What did you guys think of that look ? as I have a pretty neutral under tone on my skin I can go either towards the pink or the orange. What do you think suits me better ?

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy today’s post ! Bisous bisous :*