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In the series ” did I tell you I went to Poland and bought so much make up ? “, … I am SO happy with the Inglot eye shadows that I bought. It was a struggle to choose and I managed to get only 7, after swatching them all over my hands and wrists, and most of them or in an orange-ish shade. I am sorry though, the name of the shade is written in the back of the swatch that is into the case, so there’s no way I was gonna risk taking it off and maybe breaking it just to have the reference number … I understand your pain and your frustration, here is a tissue.

DSCN2541 DSCN2545

DSCN2504 - Copy

I couple this self-made palette with another orange, Under the Sun by Make Up Store, a bit darker thus more pigmented than the one on the palette, to darken the crease. I used the middle shadow, that is very shimmery but not golden either, for the “touch of light that makes your eyes pop and look huge” in the middle of the mobile lid. And as I was lazy and a bit late in the morning, I did not use the darker plum shadow, but a khol pencilOn the water line … I know … To my defense, with all that light orange around my eye, the black waterline defined it very well, and the mascara complemented it in a nice contrast as well.

I used the same countouring make up as usual, which I actually would like to tell you about some day … (this is how you get inspiration for the next post haha) and some extra Hot Mama from the Balm on the cheeks, to add to the peachy youngy dynamicky side. For the lips, the same as I posted a few days ago, Peachy by Make Up Store. Did I tell you I love the Make Up Store ?

DSCN2508 - Copy - Copy

Hope you liked that look ! Bisous bisous little birds :*