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You know when it’s 11 AM, you know your lunch break is in one hour, and all you can think about is food ? That’s when my colleague mentioned Risotto Funghi. I started drooling instantly, and just couldn’t wait to leave work to go grocery shopping and start cooking. I thus present to you, my Risotto with chanterelles and scallops.


First things first, melt 2 broth cubes (either chicken or vegetables) into 80cl of boiling water, and leave it on the side.

Stir fry 300 gr of scallops, I like mine without coral but you can have your with, and 300 gr of chanterelles, together in a hot frying pan, with some butter, salt and pepper. It is obviously better when you have fresh mushrooms and scallops, but frozen one will do, it is expensive enough … Leave on the side as well.

In a big pot, melt 100 gr of butter and stir fry in it 2 chopped onions, at medium-low temperature, for about 5 minutes, so the onions get a bit creamy. Add 300 gr of risotto rice (which is round and thicker than the normal one, and that you can also use for milk rice, and at the same temperature, stir fry it until it gets transparent.

Then, add the mix of chanterelles and scallops, and 15 cl or white wine, and cover 5 minutes. Add the broth ladle by ladle, every 5 minutes, and cover in between so the broth stays in and gets absorbed by the rice.

TIP : If you are going to eat it right after, cook it under the whole liquid got absorbed. If you want to eat it the day after, leave a bit of juice in it so it doesn’t dry up over night.

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This recipe is one of the last that I cooked for my grandma before she passed away, and of course I thought of her when cooking it tonight, as I do think of her whatever I do.

I hope you guys will like it as much as she did. Bisous bisous :*