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You have no idea how lazy I am to write this post … I actually wanted to post a cooking recipe because I haven’t in a while now, but I had a huge pizza 2 hours ago and now I just can’t cook … It’s like when you’re full and go grocery shopping, and you just don’t want to buy anything because you can’t picture yourself being hungry ever again, you know ?

However, when eating my pizza at the restaurant, I went to the bathroom (to freshen up, you know, …) and hung up my new Aldo handbag on the hanger. And I mean, look at that lightening ! The door was black and the light a bit yellow, and I swear to God I did not use filters or Photoshop for the following pics :


It looks like God himself was telling me, this is The Chosen Bag !

I bought it on Asos after seeing it on Helene‘s blog from monblogdefille. She has it dark brown and black so obviously I wanted the same but it was out of stock. I had to choose between this one here, and the pink and orange version of it. I really liked it colored too, and for summer it would have been perfect, but I figured that in yellow and camel I could have it all year around, and it would be much easier to match with any outfit. Therefore I convinced myself it was the best out of the 3.

If you click on the 2 links up there you can see the inside of the bag. It is very convenient, has 4 little pockets inside for the phone / wallet / keys / whatever else you may have in there, and a big one on the front, that closes with a magnet.

DSCN2501 DSCN2502

Before you start gathering your fake blood buckets and throw it at my face, this is NOT real python skin, this is not even real leather. This is pure plastic, but all bags are different and deserve to be loved. I actually realize that it’s my second bag with fake python pattern on it, the other one being way smaller and blue.


I am totally in love with both bags actually, the second one is perfect for holidays and the first one for everyday life. What do you guys and girls think of these ? Which one is your favorite ?

I hope you enjoyed your week-end, bisous bisous little birds :*