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I have been posting a lot of make up pictures lately, that I had done on myself before going to work. Today being Saturday, I did not put on make up. I mean, just a bit, I still went outside and met with human beings ! But I took time to take care of myself, with a little facial scrub and mask, to put on nail polish (had been wanting to do that for a week now, and never found the time!) and choose a nice outfit to go and have lunch with a friend.

The nail polish is called Malin, and is from the Make Up Store, I bought it a week ago and already mentioned it here. From the picture it looks more matte than it actually is, and according to if I’m outside or inside it will shine in a different way. I-L-O-V-E-I-T ! It is completely neutral too, doesn’t go towards the pink or the orange.

That left me very free with my outfit, and I picked a coral light pants, slightly rolled up above the ankle, and a dark blue top with white and gray little hearts patterns, and black Peter Pan collar (what in the world does it have to do with Peter Pan ?). It is so nice to wear pants that are not jeans, don’t you think ?

Then again, I did not work today so I did not leave in a rush (well actually I did…) and I had the time to pick some jewels. Here are 2 very elegant rings from & Other Stories, and a very chic turquoise bracelet that my mother in law brought me from Dublin.

I hope you guys will like this outfit and little accessories. I wish you all a great week-end ! Bisous bisous :*