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I have been browsing Instagram a lot lately, like, an insane amount of lot, I got addicted like a pathetic junkie and I live for this app now. Thanks to it I discovered so many amazing make up artists, I felt like an even more pathetic shit, but most important I found a lot of inspiration !


What do you guys think of that blue ? I wanted something different that what I usually do, a discreet smoky / cut crease with orange colors, so I went straight for electric blue, and all over the lid this time, not just in the crease or at the lashes line. I actually had to bring the color pretty high up, since my very hooded eyes hide everything when they open. I started with a regular nude cut crease, then used a blue navy and a tip of black in the outer corner, some electric blue on the mobile lid, and a tip of pearly white in the center of the lid, to bring some light. I did not blend it up to the brow because I thought it would look better bold and trash.


I have to admit, it took me 30 minutes just for the eyes, and then I had to leave for work so I didn’t have time to remove it, and in the street I was like, Oh My God, everyone is staring, I look like a dirty hooker, this is way too vulgar ! But then I got to work and it turned out my colleagues loved it ! I guess I am just not used to it, question of habit probably.

Obviously, with that kind of eyes, no lipstick ! Or a nude, really nude. I choose one from Rimmel (if really you want the reference please write me, but it’s in my bag right now and you can’t imagine how lazy I am to go and pick it up) that was pink with a beige undertone, slightly glossy, very discreet, perfect for that. Light blush, no bronzer, a bit of highlighter too on the top of the cheekbones. Tones of mascara though ! And well defined eyebrows, as always.

I am very curious to know what you think of this ! Don’t hesitate to share your opinion with me, and to share the post if you liked it. Tomorrow I come back with a more subtle make up, and in the week end, hopefully, a nice recipe. In the meantime, bisous bisous !