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Sometimes, when you’re lacking of inspiration for your next post, God sends you a sign. Like, the “big sales on The Make Up Store” add on Instagram kind of sign. Besides, my new office is literally 3 steps away from it ! I mean, give a girl a chance to get cured from her shopaholicism ! But well at least I got my idea for today’s post. Here’s my Make Up Store haul :


First these 3 nail polish ! I like the coral one very much, I think it’s finally the good shade, usually they tend to be too orange for me but I have high hopes for that one. It is in shade Lisa. The white one is actually pearly. I have seen a swatch on the store that looked absolutely wonderful, very classy, chic and elegant, but also would be perfect on a matte and tanned skin like mine, for just a casual summery evening. The name of that one is Malin. And the middle one, is a deep Bordeaux, between red and purple in shade Jazmine. Now the dilemna is, which one do I start with ?


A primer for the T-Zone also caught my attention (and my money). It is supposed to make look matte, which is great for me and for all combination-skined people, who tend to have a very shiny T-Zone. And the item that puzzles me the most, is that Aqua Cooling Powder ! I think it’s a mix between a moisturizer and a primer, but it’s a powder, and you can also use it after putting on your make up to keep it in place and to refresh it throughout the day … I had to buy that stuff, right ?? I am super curious to try it on, I can’t wait really, and I’ll make sure to review it for you guys ASAP.

DSCN2386 DSCN2388

This Ultra Light Foundation was also on sales, and who ever said “I have too many foundations to choose from” ? … Alright I may have said that very sentence myself a few times, that is not the point. The point is, the texture is really light, almost like a BB cream, but I guess with more coverage,  and it seems easy to spread thanks to that little sponge on the tip. I took the shade Espressino, and I’m not very happy with the fact that the name is not written anywhere on it. I had to take the little stickers from the box and stick it on to it, otherwise I would never remember the name of the color, and couldn’t buy it again, if ever I wanted / needed to.


Last but not least, 2 lipsticks : the Chubby Lipstick in color Flame, that is a fatty greasy lip pen (duh!), in a rather dark peachy orange. Gosh it’s so hard to describe the colors sometimes ! I had it already but used 2/3 of it so I bought this one for my stocks, not that I really need any … And the other one is the 404 matt, thank you for that very eloquent name, Make Up Store ! It is a dark bloody red, matte but a bit glossy if that makes any sense ? I mean it’s not too dry to apply on the lips (or on the hand, when making a swatch) so it is glossy-creamy in that way, but it does not sparkle, no no !

Now the time has come for me to go and try all this make up on, if that’s a success I’ll post them tomorrow on the blog, or later today on Instagram. Bisous bisous girls and boys :*