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Hello hello you guys ! I have been so happy and flattered to see that many of you read and liked my post from yesterday, how to take care of curly hair (not an easy task!) so I have a little bit of pressure for today’s post … And this morning when applying my lipstick I realized it was exactly the same color as my nail polish, which made me ecstatic, so I thought that was worth writing about !

DSCN2346 - Copy

(Well the lipstick is a bit more shinny, and depending on the light, the polish turns a bit more brown, but I swear at some point they were the same color ! FYI, the lipstick is Sloane’s Plum by Rimmel, and the polish is Angora Cardi by Essie.

To go with that, I used my very pretty but very useless palette from W7, not the same as last time, but the Lightly Toasted one. A bit more visible this time on my olive skin, still not as visible as I wish it would be …

Basically, I applied the dark matte shadow over my crease, the olive shimmery shade in the outer corner of my eye, and the yellow-ish shimmer on the mobile lid. What I would reproach to that palette, besides being almost invisible on me, is that there are only 2 matte shadows, versus 10 shimmery ones. I mean, how are hooded-eyed people supposed to do with so much shine ?! But overall, I guess pale-skinned, non-hooded-eyed people would find it terrific !

Then on the cheeks, A kiss on the cheeks, by The Make Up Store. No bronzer, not because I like that new strobbing trend (I do not!) but because the blush was dark enough.

What do you think of that dark lips / nude eyes look ? I usually prefer the contrary but I had no choice here really … As for my outfit, I picked it in the dark this morning, not to wake up my sleeping boyfriend, and it turned out to be really elegant and summery ! The skirt is from & Other Stories, and the top from Etam. It is rare that I like my outfit as much as I want to take pictures of it, so enjoy ! And have also a little glance at the new Aldo bag I bought on Asos, that I love very much even if it’s plastic and not leather (ergh …) and a little foretaste of tomorrow’s post : my huge haul at The Make Up Store. Bisous bisous :*