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Today at work we celebrated two of my colleague’s birthday, and because they’re awesome I wanted to bake something to match their awesomeness. I usually go for the traditional chocolate cake, but I had made 2 in a row for previous birthdays, besides I felt something salty would fit better (don’t ask why, sometimes you just feel that kind of things). So I went for savory little cupcakes.

This recipe is kind of magical because there is “the base” and then “the extra”.

1.- The base : mix together 3 eggs, 200 gr of flour, 1 small spoon of flour, 2 dl of milk, 1 dl of olive oil. Mix it really well so it’s liquid and all soft and without any lumps, almost like you could drink it with a straw (I would advice not to, but hey, who am I to judge…)

2.- The extra : ANYTHING YOU LIKE ! Should be salty though, as you added oil previously in your base. But ham, olives, tuna, tomatoes, onions, cheese, another kind of cheese, zucchini, nuts, carrots, … Just literally anything ! Try to keep a nice proportion, there should be more base than extra … For these little suckers I put 100 gr of feta cheese, 100 gr of grated cheddar, 2 spoons of pesto sauce, half a jar of sun-dried tomatoes, and some pine nuts.

3.- The cooking : put in the oven at 210°. The ones on the pictures are mini cupcakes so I let them 20 minutes. If you’re gonna have normal sized ones, leave them a bit more, around 20 or 25. With this proportion here you should bake 25 mini cupcakes / 12 normal cupcakes.

I hope you liked this recipe :) bon appétit !