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Good evening there dear fellows ! I have been sleeping almost 30 hours in two days, barely unpacked my suitcase, dragged myself from the couch to the bed and back, and surviving on hot chocolate milk or ice cream … So no, I have not tried the make up I bought in Poland yet, so no I can’t write about it yet … BUT I can post other pictures of my wonderful trip ! They are from Warsaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Torun, and Zakopane. Among these pictures is a little selfi of my boyfriend and I on top of a mountain we climbed for 8 hours. I therefore have no make up on that picture, please don’t be harsh ! Instead just focus on the amazing view, wonderful landscapes, and super tasty food we had during these 10 days. And I promise this is my last lazy post, next one will be a real one. Bisous bisous !