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Hello girls and boys ! I came back yesterday from my awesome holidays, 4 days in France with my family and 10 days road tripping with my boyfriend in Poland. Today’s post will be just a bunch of pictures I took there. It was very warm, up to 35° sometimes, so no make up ! Also my boyfriend got the brilliant idea to get sick half way through the week in Poland, and to kindly give me his sickness now, 2 days before I get back to work. I have slept like 15 hours in one day and I’m still exhausted, and also it hurts as hell to speak or eat … Ergh, lucky me ! Anyway, so here are some of the make up I bought in Poland but haven’t tried yet, just for you to see already what I’ll post about in the coming weeks, also a lot of food pictures, and landscape pictures. I hope you like them, and if you want more you can follow me on Instagram. Bisous bisous :*