You know how you love going on holidays, but for some reason you hate preparing your suitcase ? I mean … is there anything in the whole world worse than packing ?! This time I am flying with Ryanair, and I paid my ticket expensive enough to pay again for a suitcase, therefore I have to be super careful with all the liquids that I take. That gave me an idea for this post ! Here are the 7 tiny format products that I have and will take with me.


  • Let’s start with the yellow one in the middle : sunscreen ! Actually one of the very few useful products I received in one of my GlossyBoxes. This one has SPF 20 and is special for the face. For me 20 is enough because of my dark skin, and also I’m not going to the beach so for where I’ll be I won’t need more. It is moisturizing and mattifying, so you can perfectly apply your make up on top of it.
  • The one on the left, that is a bit hidden, is a moisturizing cream, from & Other Stories, special for oily skins. I have a combine skin, but in summer you tend to sweat a lot and get greasy skin, so this one is is oil free and feels like a watery gel.
  • Then in front, the tiny tiny one, is a night cream, from Ren. It is even smaller than the others because very rich so you don’t need much. It smells flower and freshness and it is very nice to fall asleep with that smell.


  • On the very right, the jar that is completely smashed, is also from & Other Stories, and it is some basic shower gel. I know the hotels probably will have some, but I really like the smell of this one, Cotton flower. Moreover, as long as it fits, why should I punish it from sending its holidays abroad with me ?
  • The other product from Ren, is a face cleanser. It is gel-textured, has a very neutral smell and feeling on the face. Let’s be honest here, I am taking it because of its size. One needs to cleanse one’s face, and NOT with shower gel !
  • The green stuff in the back, is Aloe Vera gel, something I love love love ! I use a tiny bit every day after my lotion and before the moisturizer (I put some serum too in winter but I don’t need it now). As my lotion and oil won’t fit in the tiny authorized amount of product I can take, this will be perfect since it regulates the sebum, hydrates and soothes the skin.
  • Last but not least, a mask from Caudalie. Girls, if you are going on holidays but do not plan on taking care of your skin, what’s the point ? A mask will be cleanse your skin, also giving you the “I slept for 12 hours straight” glow and help you tan better. Don’t ruin all your year-around efforts on having a perfect skin by not taking your mask for 2 weeks on holidays, the only excuse would be that you’re going to a spa.


I put all of these tiny format (they must all be beneath 100 ml) in a 1L bag, and it seems to fit ! I will therefore be able to continue taking care of my skin despite Ryan Air’s efforts to ruin it. I’m just worried about my little cactai, I hope it stays fit and is still alive when I come back. Bisous bisous little birds, happy holidays to everyone !

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