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Tomorrow is my last day before I leave on holidays and I have not started to pack / clean the apartment / do all the other million things I said I would do before I leave. BUT I said I would post at least once more before I leave, so here go. This post is actually a cheat post since I will use the pictures from my previous post, and just develop a bit. Thanks for your understanding ;)


I will first start with my possibly best purchase of the year, the contouring brush by Kiko. It looks very simple and pure but classy. The handle is wooden, with a metalic kind of tube to hold the hair of the brush, and matches the golden font. The brush itself has this very peculiar shape : it is curved but kind of goes up in the en, so turns out to be rather curved. When you put it along your cheekbone it takes the exact shape of it, which is obviously perfect to contour. I had actually bought a proper contour brush right before finding this one, but it was a bit too stiff, therefore I had to make big moves to apply my contouring. But with this one, I just hold it along my cheekbone and just slide it down, super softly, and the powder just goes right where it’s supposed to go !


Then my #2 brush I couldn’t leave without is the Blush Brush by Real Techniques. It is of a metalic pink with a flat plastic end so it stands up. I have another blush brush from the same brand, that is half size of this one, and at first I thought this one was huge and would be completely impossible to work with. I was wrong. This brush is marvelous ! It is extra fluffy, and round with a little oblong, almost pointy tip. You just need to slightly rub that tip against your blush powder and then apply on your cheeks. The rest of the brush will blend it out smoothly and the powder will just melt in your complexion. What I also like is the fact that the tip of the hair is white so you know exactly the amount of powder you’ve taken, and the color of it. And yes, it is pink on that picture, because I took the picture right after using the brush. Sue me.


And to finish with, the foundation brush from Real Techniques also. This one is orange and the tip is a bit round so it does not stand. Let’s just say I don’t really like the way it looks :) BUT it is great to apply foundation or BB cream. The brush is between flat and round, the hairs are short but slightly arched. The liquid foundation gets caught in the hairs just enough to be laid on your face, but doesn’t stay on the brush, which makes it very easy to wash, and also avoids using too much product. As well, the horrible disgusting lines from the brush, around your nose or mouth, when applying the make up, just don’t happen with this brush ! You can get an almost air-brushed finish even without applying a primer.

These, my friends, are the 3 brushes I could not live without ! What about yours ? What are your favorite brushes ? Have a nice day little birds ! Bisous bisous :*