For previously mentioned reasons, I have not been wearing much make up on the eyes lately, and especially not mascara. Tears tend to come up for no reason, when least expected, and as I refuse to look like a big panda I have just been avoiding make up. Plus it’s been super warm, even here in Sweden, and foundation just melts on my face (I’m talking 30 degrees warm, right ?) and it feels and looks disgusting, therefore I’ve had a very light routine lately.

I have been super much in love, and this for at least a year, with the Balm shelter BB cream from The Balm. It is moisturizing but perfect for oily skins since it doesn’t shine too much on your skin, hides the imperfections but is not as thick or covering as a normal foundation, and it even has an SPF of 18. Not that I’m afraid of getting sun-burnt going from the subway to my office or from my office to the restaurant, but it is still important when it comes to wrinkles or even skin cancer, to protect your skin. Even in a city, even when you’re not planning on exposing your skin.

Over it, a super super light contouring with my new palette from Sleek. It is actually not that new, I had it before but it fell and the middle powder (the highlighting one) broke, and spread all over the other ones. One of the biggest drama of my life, back then, I had screamed so much that my boyfriend ran to the bathroom thinking I had broken a leg …

This is also a super occasion to present you my new brush from Kiko. This marvel is a-ma-zing ! I am actually planning on dedicating a specific article just for it, that’s how amazing it is. But at least you can have a glance at it now. And the 2 other brushes that I use are from Real Techniques, the Blush Brush in pink and the Foundation Brush in orange. Even though the whole blogosphere has reviewed them already, I should probably dedicate them one post as well …

And last but not least, I have been using the Hot Mama blush from The Balm as well, for the past 2 weeks. As I am rather dark-skinned, I actually use it as a highlighter, meaning on the very top of my cheekbones. I am really not a big fan of that new Strobing trend, which consists in putting on highlighter pretty much everywhere on your face and just dropping the bronzer. But then again, why not dedicate a post to that … God, so much inspiration tonight ! Anyway, so that Hot Mama. It is in a light coral tone, very shimmery but not too pale, which I usually don’t like about other highlighters. It just completes perfectly your blush if you have it in warm tone, and I use a new trick now : I actually put the highlighter before applying the blush ! That is actually a brilliant tip I got, that allows the blush to blend in perfectly, and avoid the layer effect.

Here, little birds, is the article for today. I am planning on writing more this week, and then I’ll be off on holidays, 4 days in France and 10 days on a road trip in Poland (all tips and advise about that completely unknown country are welcome) ! Happy holidays are ahead of us. And in the meantime I hope you enjoyed reading this. Bisous bisous :*