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I have been posting a massive amount of make up and products related posts lately ; first because I was working in the evening so I had time to apply my make up perfectly in the morning ; and second because I have been literally stuffing myself with comfort food for the past 2 weeks and I can’t remember the last meal I had that was actually home made. BUT I did bake something last week and to make up for the lack of recipes on the blog I will post the recipe here today : the Chocolate and Caramel Pie.



I have learnt very recently that you could use your blender to prepare the dough. It makes it super homogeneous and compact and ball-shaped and just perfect and exactly how you want it. I saw that in a tutorial and was like, yeah right ! But tried it anyway and was really amazed ! So in your blender, pour 250 gr of flour and 125 gr of cold butter, and the progressively add 10 cl of water, 1 egg yolk, a big spoon of powdered sugar and some salt. It will come to a big ball of dough without you even touching it !

Spread it on a table with a rolling pin.

Tip 1 : if you do not have a rolling pin, use a wine bottle.

Tip 2 : sprinkle some flour on the table before laying your dough, flatten it a bit and then do it from the other side, so it doesn’t stick to the table. Now lay your dough in the mold and with a pair of scissors or just a knife, cut the exceeding part. Cook it at 180° for 20/25 minutes.

Tip 3 : fold it in 4, so you can easily transport it from the table to the mold, without it breaking halfway through.

Tip 4 : Pierce it very gently with a fork so it can breathe, and lay over it some cooking paper and whatever you have that weighs a bit (I put rice but it can be lentils or chickpeas or beans) so the dough stays flat when cooking it. Remove this weight half way through the cooking, so the dough browns a bit.


That is the delicate part. Pour 250 gr of powdered sugar in a pot and heat it with medium heat. Add one or two spoons of water to help the sugar melt. This will go through like 1 million stages, first becoming all white, then whinny, then bubbly with little bubbles, then huge bubbles, then it will start to dry off. Right then, add 1.7 dl of liquid cream and put the heat to low. Whip it and add the butter. Whip it again until it becomes very creamy and soft. Then lay it on the cooked dough and flatten it so it covers the surface evenly.

Do not make the same mistakes as me : Do not pour the cream and butter in the same time. Do not put your finger in it to check if it’s warm. After 30 minutes on the heat, it IS warm ! Duh … Do wash your pot right after you’re done with it, or at least fill it with boiling water, if you do not want to spend 2 hours the day after washing the sticking sugar off.


Now the easy part : melt 30 gr of butter and pour it over 200 gr of dark chocolate. Warm as well 15 cl of liquid cream and mix all that, before layering it over the caramel in the pie.

That recipe is kind of long, kind of complicated, but totally doable and especially, delicious ! Don’t hesitate to put a bit more butter in the dough and to leave the caramel as creamy as possible. Keep in the fridge, but put out at least 1 hour before eating it so it’s doesn’t break under your knife when trying to slice it up.

Bon appétit, bisous bisous :*