I want to tell you today about the one person who has influenced my whole week : Stephanie Lange. Please do click on the name to get linked to her blog, and I will include her Youtube Channel down bellow so you can check it as well.

She is the most amazing Make Up Artist I’ve ever watched on You Tube, and God knows I spend way too much time browsing make up tutorials. Most of her tutorials are specialized for hooded eyes make up, especially cut crease and dome shaped. She is also amazing when it comes to contouring.

She kind of makes fun of herself in her videos, which is so god damn refreshing ! I really don’t like it when the girl doing the tutorial thinks she knows it all and is super serious and almost arrogant about it. Stephanie Lange on the contrary, takes it seriously but is very fun to watch. I really really recommend her channel, if you have hooded eyes like me you will literally see The Light ! and if you don’t, there’s always something to learn.

What made me want to write about her is actually her last video, where she states that make up is a fun thing, it is indeed really fun to see your face change while applying layers of creams and powders, and being able to transform it and hide what you don’t like about it, however her point is that you should not be ashamed of your make-up-less face. Whether you wear make up or not is your choice and you should not be ashamed of your face, with or without make up.

Here is my last make up, from yesterday (I worked on a holiday today and we were 5 at the office so day off for my face, not even concealer to hide the dark circles under my eyes !) after following her many advice. I did not go as bold as her with the crease cut, first because I was very unsure of the technique still, and second because as I’m not used to it yet I didn’t think it looked good on me. You can see some other make up inspired by what she did, right here.

You can check Stephanie’s blog and youtube. No, I am not paid to advertize her, I just really admire her work (and secretly hope she’ll read my blog and we become BFF …)

Bisous bisous :*