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I have been seeking for the absolute ultimate Coral nail polish and I think I finally found it ! Coral is the perfect mix between orange red and pink, and it is the most versatile color because it changes tones and nuances according to the light. Many times I have been tricked, thinking that I had found The One because it looked perfect in the shop, but at home it was way too pink, or orange, or dark or creamy. Here are all my attempts of finding it :

The One, on the second picture, is the 3rd one from the right, with the big white lid. It is the CopaCabana by Isadora. I will spare you the view of it on my own hands, I’ve been very stressed lately and still have not managed to stop eating the little skins around my nails, hence making them disgusting and not presentable. BUT that made me want to share my passion for that wonderful color, especially that Spring has come and settled and Summer is already on its way.

On the cheeks, it will have a perfectly natural effect, and make you look fresh and youthfull but keeping it simple in the same time. My absolute favorite coral blush is the duo blush from Kiko, that I had already presented here. It is in a peachy tone, with a bright pink to accentuate a bit if you think peach is too bland, which I do not. My other blushes are the trio from Sleek, that are actually not coral at all but pink orange and red, but by blending the right amount in the right place on your face you can get there ! And the rest is Make Up Store, one blush and 2 eye-shadows. You can actually use everything as eye-shadow, especially if you have brown eyes or dark skin. It will make your eyes look bigger and more awake, and complete the freshness of your complexion. Add a touch of blue in the outer corner and blend well, and mascara to sharpen your look, and there you go, as simple and fresh as can be !

For the lips, you can play with the nuances as well. I’m not a big fan of nude lips, I actually find it pretty gross because the skin color on a mouth makes it disappear, so a face without a mouth, eew ! Or worse, it looks like you can’t apply your foundation properly and that you smeared it all over your lips. Red is always great, but I like to match my lipstick to my blush. If you are gonna use a warm color on your cheeks, you can’t have a cold color on your lips, and vice versa. This is why I come prepared and I have 5 tones of coral, some being more pink and some more orange, depending on what I’ll have on the rest of my face.

And because I went to the zoo today and saw some Flamingos, I thought it’d be a perfect ending for that post ;) Bisous bisous little birds !