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Today is 5th of May, supposed to be sunny and warm, but it was cloudy and dark instead. I HAD to buy a bronzer ! I mean, primary necessity, right ? Otherwise how am I going to look nice and tanned ? And because the one I bought at Make Up store is crap (sorry, MUS, you know how much I love you but you need to face the truth, the butterfly bronzer was not good!) I decided to take it to the upper level and to go to MAC! The guy there was just lovely and smelled so good, I was *that close* to ask him for his perfume.

I bought the Sweet as Cocoa Blush. I actually wanted the Fever one too, and a highlighter, but that will have to wait a little. That blush is actually more like a bronzer, since its color is very warm and brown, and should be applied bellow the cheekbones and not above. However the reason why I bought it is because I want to use it like Terracotta, meaning on the outline of the face, to shape it and give it a wonderful glow. In that case it can also be applied slightly on the nose and above the cheekbones, to give a tanned look.

And as I was wearing my very French red and white stripes from god-knows-where-I-found-them-on-a-flee-market-5-years-ago and my really pretty red earrings that my dear Mom brought me from one of her trips, it made total sense to match that look with a red lipstick ! Here are my 3 favorite :

  • The Rouge Edition Velvet, in Hot Pepper tone. I love it so much that I already dedicated a whole post about it.
  • The Rouge Démesure 4 from Marionnaud, that has the smoothest texture and is so nice to apply ! Very creamy but stays on as long as needed, even during a lunch.
  • The Kiss Crayon lipstick from Lord & Berry. I am usually not much into crayons for I find them hard to apply, but I got that one in a Glossy Box and I really fell in love with it !

Bisous bisous :*