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As spring comes back and everyone leaves their dark jumpers and thick coats home, something is coming back : Aztec pattern ! Aztec pattern everywhere !


You will recognize the modern Aztec print from its geometric forms, like triangles, circles and squares. They can be just black and white to neutralize that youngster aspect, but you will generally find them in bright colors, like red, yellow and blue. They are printed on very light and summery fabrics and that adds up to the dynamic and energetic aspect. The most current pieces of clothes are tee shirts, dresses and skirts. You can find these Aztec print on a few jacket as well, in which case the material will be rough, trying to stay authentic and close from the fabric the Aztec used to make. I think these jackets are very rough and not nice to wear but that’s just me.

As for accessories, gold is of course highly prominent. For the jewels, the bigger the better. Whether it comes to rings, bracelets or necklaces, it will always be big golden pieces, seemed roughly elaborate, barely polished. This is not about being discreet here ! The symbol of sun and moon are frequents, but the same geometrical shapes are reluctant here as well. Feathers are very common too, especially for earrings, as they remind of how close the Aztec were to nature.

I would not recommend the total Aztec look unless you want to look like Kuzco, in fact I never recommend total looks so … Just have it on the top or on the bottom, and with a blue jeans or a white top with it, and it’ll do the trick !