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DSCN1268Sunday is a very lazy day and sometimes it’s too much asked to write a structured article with introduction, 1 paragraph per idea and a conclusion, even when it’s about nail polish. However I really wanted to show you my new nail polish ! Funny thing, I was at H&M and the Essie nail polish cost around 10€ and I thought naah that’s too much for a nail polish ! Then I went to Sephora, where they had sales, and some unknown brand went from 15€ to 12€ so of course I bought 2 colors from them… Don’t ask, just don’t ask !

The one on the left is way pinker than I thought, in the store it looked like it is on the picture (which is #nofilter by the way!). It’s almost neon pink really, so not really what I was looking for, but that’s gonna be perfect for the summer ! And the other one is deep green, very shinny and polished.

The brand is Nails Inc. from the UK. The pink one was not very smooth to apply, probably because it’s light, but the green one, and felt heavier also, like I needed very little of it to cover the surface of my nail. I polished my nails first with that square thing that has 4 steps (I am very bad at describing it but I know each and every one of you has one), then massaged them and the cuticles around it with some ricin oil. That is a natural strengthener for nails, hair, lashes and eyebrows. Then used the Garlic Treatment from Absolute New York as a base. No, it does not smell like garlic at all, but it hardens your nails as well, so they don’t get fragile and break. And finally, 2 layers of color. Tada ! :)

The other pink thing on the picture is a Beauty Blender. I have heard of that little sponge for about 6 months now and decided it was finally time to get it and try it, see if it’s as fabulous as everyone says. For those who don’t know, it is supposed to be better than a brush to apply your foundation, because it evens everything out, making your complexion very smooth and equally spread on your face. The pointy part makes it easy to work with details like around the eye or on the folds of the nose our mouth. I have not used it yet, I mean it’s Sunday evening even I don’t wear make up now ! But you shall have my opinion on it very soon !

I have like tons of inspiration for future articles so stick around, next one should be soon ! And until then, bisous bisous :*