Yesterday was a stock sales of Marc Jacobs in Stockholm, and I was starting my shift at 3PM, so obviously I ran there ! I planned on staying there 2 hours, to be able to try and look at everything. I mean, 70% on Marc Jacobs ! But when I got there … There is absolutely nothing I remotely liked ! What a deception ! I mean OK there were some jumper, super basic ones and cashmere, but none of them were my size, and I really did not like the colors, it would not have fit me at all. Then a blazer caught my eye, silky green very soft to touch and the cut was perfect. But I tried it on with a peach shirt that I had underneath and it looked horrible. I know, it was the combination, but for a 200€ jacket after discount, you need to be sure, not to think “it is because of the combination”. So yeah, nothing. BUT THEN ! I saw a room on the left corner when I was about to leave, and I found heaven.

The House of Dagmar is a Swedish brand that I had never heard of before. All the items were on sales, and +50% on these already sales. I first saw the red pants, that someone was carrying around, and someone else was trying. Yes, trying. It’s a big room with no fitting room and so to try something on you just do it there in front of everyone. Needless to say, I did not try anything. Anyway, so these pants ! They caught my eye, so I grabbed a pair right away, and then changed my mind, I mean it’s really not my style, it’s way too red, I’ll never wear them. And then I changed my mind again, they are really unique and catchy and it’s a one life-time opportunity ! And then I changed back, and again, and back, and again, and I finally bought them and I’m so happy I did !

The shirt and the skirt I did not hesitate one second ! The shirt is sooo soft, it feels like satined silk but it’s not sticky and electric as satined fabrics usually are. I know the pictures I took from it are bad so you can’t see much, I realized afterwards, but there will be others, as I’m planning on wearing it often ! The black and white vertical stripes makes the silhouette very thin and long, but it’s not even tight, and it comes perfectly on the shoulders. As for the skirt, it is kind of denim fabric but less rough and rigid as actual denim. I really liked the geographic pattern, cut with the gray-green tie and die.

You can check more items from that brand here. I even got a canvas shopper bag, look how cute it is ! So kids, I hope you like that brand as much as me. I honestly have no idea where you can find their clothes except on line, but trust me I’ll keep looking ! Bisous bisous :*