I swore this blog wouldn’t be about me myself and I, that I would write only reviews or comments about make up or skin care, and some recipes as well. It’s not the first time I lie here, right ? So, let’s talk about me :D AS I told you many many times I have been asked to write some articles for the MaterialID Magazine. I wrote 5 or 6 of them and loved it every time ! I was having such a blast looking for new inspiration, angles, putting the article in shape … Now it’s going even a step further ! They have asked me to become their FASHION EDITOR ! That implies at least 3 big new responsibilities :

  • contacting brands or artists and asking them permission to use their pictures, to write about them, and to have some different kind of partnerships.
  • looking out for potential new writers, testing their style, and recruiting them.
  • managing the speed and content of our coming articles in the fashion section

You have no idea how excited I am about this ! I will keep you updated here and of course you can visit the magazine to see my work there. It is not paid since we don’t make money yet, therefore I will keep doing my job as usual and just use all my free time in that new project. This is one of the many steps towards my dream job, wish me luck !

And now, as I’m not such a big lier, I will brag about the blue make up I had yesterday on my eyes. It’s half a crease cut ,half a smoky. A crease cut is making seem like the crease of your eye is higher than it actually is. It makes your eyes way bigger and wider opened. It is your best friend when you have hooded eyes (meaning that when your upper lid kind of falls over your mobile lid and covers it). But what I did was not as sharp as a crease cut, and I darkened the outside corner of my eye, blending it smoky-eye way. No eye-liner was used for that make up, you really don’t want to use one when you have hooded-eyes. Instead a blue pencil from Elle, on the waterline under and above, and lots of different powder, mostly from Kiko.

Bisous bisous :*