At my job they know how to make their employees feel good. They pay us a massage every month, coffee fruits and little snacks are free as much as you want in the kitchen, and they even prepare breakfast for us every Monday, to welcome us back and help us get ready for the coming week. Unfortunately today I work evening shift, and by the time I get there the breakfast is long gone ! And as I like that little habit, I decided to bake my own breakfast today : a lemon cake.

First take 2 lemons, wash them and grate their skin, as thin as possible. Set aside. For the basis of the cake, you can always go with the classic flour + sugar, but I wanted to make it a little bit more tasty and fluffy. Therefore I replaced half of the flour proportion with almond powder, and half of the sugar with honey. So you get 70 gr of flour and 70gr of almond powder, and 85 gr of sugar and 85 gr of honey. Just mix everything with 3 eggs, 50 gr of melted butter, 1 spoon of baking powder and the grated lemon skin.

The secret now is in the cooking ! Put the cake in a mold, and in the oven at 210° for 8 minutes, so the crust roasts a bit, then turn the heat down to 180° for 20 minutes so the cake cooks but stays fluffy and doesn’t dry up. when it’s ready, take of the oven, and add a mix of 50 grams of icing sugar and the juice of 1 lemon. Spread it all over the cake’s crust and put back in the oven just one or two minutes.

As I said this is my breakfast, so I’m just sipping a milk and chocolate on the side and I’ll limit the sweets (hmm…) but this cake is awesome with some vanilla whipped cream, or a meringue on the top. It’s perfect for a 4PM little snack, but it’s a bit heavy so if you cant it for a dessert after dinner don’t plan anything else than salad !

Bon appétit, bisous bisous ;)