Oh my god the week-end could not come soon enough ! I finally have some time to write here, which I absolutely couldn’t do last week and which I really missed. Today I want to talk to you about Helen Woollams and the great opportunity I had to write to write about her in the MaterialID Magazine. At first I had no idea how I’d come up with anything, usually my posts are more like “omg i looove that lipstick !!”, that one was a bit more complex to write, since I had to watch 2 interviews of Tadas (the managing editor) with her. Helen you are a brilliant artist, but you have one of the thickest British accent I’ve ever heard ! I had to get help from 2 English teachers and 2 other native English speakers, even them had a very hard time understanding ! But it was so challenging and interesting, I loved writing that article.

5For Helen Woollams, fashion and clothes are a way to express one’s individuality and singularity, and that is what she does with her collections. Using lots of sequins and feathers, and hard to work with materials, she challenges herself to create unique pieces of art. From the idea, the concept, to the making, to the pattern cutting, she does everything and loves every single part of the process. Even during her free time, she’s always looking out for new ideas, inspiring elements, and never completely stops working.

She says she admires and is inspired by Vivienne Westwood. In my opinion they even look alike, Helen’s fuzzy red hair itself reminds you of Westwood! Their art is very similar on many aspect but to me Helen goes even furthers and dares more than Westwood. Her attitude is really inspiring to me, as a wannabe artist and as a woman. She does not take no for an answer, who has a sharp personality and is not afraid of calling and emailing people, again and again, and express herself. Work, perseverance, dedication and self confidence, these are her keys to success.

ddf67df5-cd50-4311-a923-064c2d38ebb7_hugeThat one is my absolutely favorite dress of her collections. The shoulders are wide and square and kind of boyish, and the contrast with the balerina/princess skirt is just perfect. It seems like a jumper over a skirt but it is a dress indeed. The top is also kind of manish, I mean a girl would have tucked it into the skirt, but it gives a super cool effect, the actual cherry-on-the-cake. Plus all these sequins and glitters makes it very modern but very old fashion in the same way. That dress is full of contrasts and contradictions, and still the most elegant piece I could find from Helen’s work.

You can find her collection on AsosNotjustalabel.com and her new website hellavagirl.com,You will be able to admire them during the next London Fashion Week, and if you can’t go just visit Tadas‘ website for more pictures.

Bisous bisous :*