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This week I have been working evening shift, from 1 or 3 to 10 PM. Loved-it ! The good thing about that is that you have the whole morning for yourself, since everybody else works, and you can do all the things you never have time to do. I have been very busy procrastinating all these things, and avoiding to do everything I said I would do, among these writing new posts here … Hehehe … Sorry :(

I did write 2 new articles though, for the MaterialID Magazine. The first one is about what to wear on the half season, and the second one is about men’s fashion. A new one will be released probably tomorrow or on Monday, I will let you know.

DSCN1186My favorite outfit this week has been my new jumper that I found on a special sales from Minimarket (that I already talked about here), and a shirt from a flee market in Paris. I already told you how much I loved that jumper, now the shirt ! The color is really amazing, right in between peach and coral, exactly the spring 2014 color, but the fashion police is not gonna arrest me for that I guess. Besides, look at these little rock and roll mini spikes on the collar ! They make the whole difference between serious and funky, professional and relaxed. Fashion is all about breaking the rules, and this shirt just tears them apart ! I couldn’t take many pictures of it but trust me you’ll hear about it again very soon.

I tried a peach / aubergine smoky eyes to go with that and I think it turned out pretty well. Kept it very graphic and did not blend as much as I usually do, to keep the 60s spirit of the jumper, and the rock attitude of the shirt. My two main eye shadows are a the Ruby one from Make up Store, and a push-in brush from & other stories in an aubergine color. The first one is very basic to use, but the second one is horrible ! The brush is way too big, and the pigments just spread all over your face, so you have to use a tiny brush to brush over the big brush and get the pigments and apply it on your face … A real hassle, but I am thrilled to see it was worth it.

Bisous bisous lovely birds :*