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Who ever wakes up before 10 on a Sunday, and who ever takes less than another hour and a half to actually get out of bed ? Then comes the question : will I have breakfast or will I have lunch ? I usually go for the traditional fried eggs over bacon over super buttery toast, with a huge cup of milk and Nesquick. Hey, I never said I was a dietitian! Anyway, today I wanted to try the Mexican version of it, called Huevos Rancheros.

For 2 persons, chop a little onion and fry them together with 6 slices of bacon, on medium heat. The fat of the bacon should be enough to caramelize the onions, but if you frying pan is old you can always add some olive oil. The killing ingredients here are a Chipotle sauce, that you will find in the “savors of the world” department in your supermarket. Poor as much as you want, and add some tomato paste to complete the sauce. Some jalapeños will be perfect if you like spicy food. Then just fry the eggs on top of all this, medium heat still, until the white is crispy but the yellow is still liquid. Salt and pepper. Now just place it over a Mexican tortilla and enjoy ! (For the sharp eyes, it is pita bread that you can see on my pictures, not tortilla, but sometimes you gotta do with what you have).

DSCN1144 - CopyTo continue enjoying my Sunday, I improvised a mini hammam in my bathroom. I bought some black soap during my trip in Morocco, that leaves my skin super soft. Spread some of that soap all over your body and wash your hair, stay in the shower as long as you can, with hot water. Then take a black shower gloves, the ones that almost feel like they’ll remove your whole skin, and scrub the black soap away. You will see your dead skin leave, it is not sexy at all, it actually makes you feel like a disgusting person who has not showered since the 90’s. Fear not, it’s normal ! If you do it every Sunday it’ll be the same effect.

You can now use a normal scrub to polish your skin. I received from my boyfriend’s trip to London, a body scrub from soap and Glory, that I had been wanting to review since but never found the good moment. That scrub smells like fresh lime, it is super refreshing especially for this spring season, and the crush sugar in it makes your skin smooth and soothed. After the shower, don’t forget the body butter, mine is also from Soap and Glory and smells divine !

You are now ready to attack the coming week with energy and comfort ! Bisous bisous :*