This quick post is an advice to all the lazy ones who think that more than 5 minutes per evening to remove their make up and clean their faces is way too much. At least remove that damn make up, preferably with oil, and wash your face with a cleanser. And don’t you dare telling me that’s more than 5 minutes !

Now here is the trick : on your bed table, leave a small bottle of argan oil and moisturizing cream. After cleaning your face, go to bed. Apply a tiny bit of oil on your hands, rub them together to warm the oil and massage your face with it. First it is extremely relaxing and will help you sleep, and second the argan is awesome to make your skin soft, get rid of the dark spots or little scars, and tenses your skin a little bit. Putting it instead of the serum is as efficient, and you get rid of all the chemicals that usually are in the serums. Then just apply your moisturizing cream on your face, as normal.

The 3 other things you should have on your bed table :

  • A body butter, just for the chest, shoulders and elbows : because you don’t think of applying it every time after the shower, it can be a nice reminder to have it right next to your bed. Also you can fall asleep with a nice smell on your body and a fresh feeling on your skin.
  • Your glasses : especially if you have contacts, it’s important not to keep them too long, and rest your eyes wearing glasses.
  • A book : reading before sleeping, instead of playing with your phone, also makes you more relaxed, and can inspire your dreams. It allows you to shine in society, makes you feel smart, and … why am I giving you motivation tips to read ?! Reading is awesome ! Get a book, read, that’s it ! The one I’m reading now and advise is The cousin Bette by Honoré de Balzac.

And now good night, and bisous bisous :*