Sometimes in life, when going through a hard time, you need to focus on the good things. Can be some Lindt chocolates that your boyfriend nicely brought home to cheer you up, can be the fact that the sun doesn’t set before 8 PM anymore, can be a beer after work with the most adorable colleague you could ever dream of, can be a huge pile of Elle magazines that a friend kept for you. Can also be someone who forgot a pair of shoes in the house that she rented during her holidays, house that happens to be your aunt’s, aunt that happens not to fit in these shoes and give them to your mom, who gives them to you.

I cannot believe that I have not make any post about shoes yet, but here it is finally ! The little wonders were less than 2 months old when I adopted them. They were alone and sad but they have now found an owner who will gladly take care of them, wear them as much as she can, wheedle them. They actually come from one of my favorite store in France, Comptoir des Cotonniers, a shop that I can usually never afford except when I deeply fall in love with one of their items, and you have no idea how happy I was when karma ( aka my mom in that case) put them on my way.

I also went to a flee market in Paris, and did not find much there, but did dig out a super nice silky dress from Urban Outfitters. The transparent lace all the way from the collar to your waist, in the front and in the back, makes it difficult to wear at work, but with a jumper over it, worn like a skirt, and assorted with the shoes, it became a perfect outfit for today ! I had a sober make up to go with it, a dark khaki A Girl’s Best Friend’s from Make Up Store, and some glitters from Sephora as eye shadows, and a nude-ish color on the lips. Tones of mascara, obviously.

That’s it for today kids ! The morale of the article is : be a good person, and you will be rewarded by some free amazing shoes. Keep faith. Bisous bisous :*