Sometimes, for no reason, or rather for so many little reasons in the same time, you get so angry, so furious, you just can’t calm down ! Talking to anyone will just make it worse, you can’t focus on a book, all the movies ever shot are boring to you … Here is what you need to do : cook something ! Smash ingredients to create something beautiful, that will make you proud of yourself, and make happy the friends you will feed it with. And only then will you find inner peace.

Tonight I chose 2 little recipes, because they are so quick to make that only one would not have been enough : Israeli Hummus, and Balkan Ajvar.

First the Hummus, aka the easiest recipe ever. In a blender, pour a 400 grams can of chickpeas, 2 spoons of olive oil, 3 spoons of cumin, salt and pepper, and 2 spoons of water. What makes this hummus Israeli is the secret ingredient you will now add : Tehina ! Tehina is the white sauce that you eat with falafels and that you will find at the “exotic products” department in your supermarket. Or at the Arabic little shop beside it if your supermarket is racist or “out of it right now but we usually have it in store!” Yeah, right. Anyway, 3 spoons of that beige paste (it is rather thick and beige, it’s normal) and the juice of a lemon. Then press “mix” and wait 10 minutes. Ta-da ! Add more water / cumin / lemon / salt according to your taste, and that’s it my dear.

Now the Ajvar, which is a very simple mix of red pepper bells (3) and eggplant (1). Place the vegetables in the oven on grill mode, as high as possible and wait for the skin to burn off. Move them around so the other side of it burns a bit, and remove them carefully. Put them in a plastic bag that you will tie up, and wait half an hour. Water steam will come off and make the skin super easy to peel. Grab it with your fingers and just pull, it will come off right away. Do it above the sink, unless you like red pepper bell juice all over your kitchen table … You’ll need to rinse it anyway, because they get very bitter. Now slice them roughly and stir fry them with 3 garlic cloves and a drizzle of olive oil. Mix them with your blender, and put the paste back to the frying pan. Leave on very low heat around 30 minutes : that step will give your ajvar a smoked tasted, and will dry it too (shouldn’t be too watery).

Tips : these are great to serve for a fancy aperitif, along with little carrots and cucumbers to dip in. You can as well bake some olive and Parmesan cookies or cheese puffs if you really want to impress your guests, or if you have to much spare time on your hands. You can also just put on your pajamas and eat it alone with a spoon like a grumpy cat and go to bed hopping that tomorrow will be better.