Happy Easter little ones ! Everybody has been super busy eating candies and chocolate. I have been busy working on my blog a bit, not on the articles (haven’t posted in a while, I know, I’m sorry…) but more on the structure and on some little projects.


First I have created nice little categories to sort out my post. Let’s say you want to check all my recipes without having to scroll down forever or click on “older post”, you can now just click on “Recipes” and only them will appear. The other categories are : Blog, Lifestyle, Make up, Reviews, Shopping, Skincare, Uncategorized.


Now, Big news #1. I have agreed on a partnership with PR Newswire, one of the biggest content delivery company, to host some of their publications. If you click on What’s up, when scrolling all the way down, you will have access to all the freshest news from Fashion’s world. The biggest brands such as L’Oréal, Christian Dior, Estée Lauder or Louis Vuitton send to PR Newswire all their exciting news and you can read it from here as soon as it’s out ! That’s a great way to keep in touch with all the new trends and last tips. And the good thing for me is, I can use their pictures for my articles. Get ready for a new kind of posts !!


And last but not least, Big big super news #2. I have agreed to another partnership with an on line magazine called Materialid Magazine, from London. This partnership is super exciting for me, as I actually get to write articles for them, and am published on their magazine. You can already see my first article, about Vintage Style Clothes in 2015, right HERE, and my second article about the thighs scrub (that I had posted previously on the blog a few days ago). They also created for me, a profile page, with my name, a short description of myself and my style, and a link to my blog and my articles.

These 2 partnerships mean : more inspiration, more readership, bigger opportunities, … You have no idea of how excited I am ! That also means a lot more work, more time spent to it, more dedication, but writing is something that I deeply love, and fashion … Well, you already know how I feel about fashion don’t you ?

Thank you so much for everybody who read what I post and follow my blog, thanks for sharing and spreading the link, thanks for your support. Yes I am a diva !

Bisous bisous ;)