I have been sick before this year, for queuing under the rain to get a burger from a food truck. It was a goddamn burger, with marinated paprika, bacon mayonnaise, and cheese sauce. I did not regret my decision. Last week end my shallowness took it even further. It was raining again, and I went to town and back, so around 30 minutes total, under the rain, with 4°C and wind…

DSCN0988This week-end was the biennial Minimarket Sample event in Stockholm. I had missed the previous one so there was no way I was missing this one. Minimarket is a small brand from Stockholm, that does not have their own shop but that you can by from online or in department stores like NK in Stockholm. Their style is very contemporary, they work with innovating materials or shapes, and what they do really is modern art. It kind of remind me of &Other Stories, only the last one can play a bit more retro.

I liked many articles from that little event, but as I went on Sunday many of them were not of my size anymore, especially the shoes. I tried around 10 pieces of clothes and ended up buy three of them. The first one that I had a crush on what that blue and black dress. The fabric is very light and almost see through (of course I realized that part after buying it but I regret nothing) with a straight cut and ends half thighs. The black slash neck brings elegance and match the black see through sleeves. Very simple and sober but classy in the same time.

Then a gorgeous gorgeous sweater, with slightly 70s pattern. The color is half blue half purple, kind of an bright indigo, depending on the light. The neck here is absolutely DSCN0990boring, but it looks amazing with a white shirt underneath. The last size was an M so slightly oversize for me, but then perfect to fit the shirt in ! For once in 2015 I was able to find a sweater that ends at the same level in the front and in the back, and that does not show the bellybutton but cover the ass (please, whoever designer who would read me, stop with that madness!) That beautiful purple color is coupled with black and white … I don’t know, what would you call that shape ? Anyway, it reminds a bit of the 70s indeed, but stays very modern. These 2 articles were from the previous collection so brought down to 70% off ! I know …

DSCN0994And last but not least, one of the most trendy skirts I have ever seen. It was the last one of the kind, right my size, I didn’t even bother trying it on. AND it is a sample, meaning that I got it 70% off but it is in store right now for the normal price. It is an asymmetric pleated skirt that is also blue-purple but way darker, a dark “midnight blue”. The material looks like latex but it is as soft and light as silk, really not heavy or thick. It is a high waist model, and it does stay up around your belly button, even above, however it does not feel like you can’t breathe anymore and you’d need to remove your stomach to be able to wear it.

If there is one thing that I hate, is buying something from let’s say H&M, go out and sit on the subway next to a girl that has the exact same … Well with these 3 wonders, I bet this will never happen ! And the best of all : the jumper goes with the skirt ! Or how to make a girl happy.

Bisous bisous :*