The titles of each posts so far has been a song that I like, that goes with what the post is about but that sometimes has nothing to do with it. This time was an easy one, since I have been dying to brag about my eye shadow from Mac called Glit by Association. It is actually not golden brown, but more golden black. It is indeed very dark but so glittery in the same time, so luminous! It intensify your gaze and makes it really deep and intense.

I’ve actually had it for quite a while, bought it in a moment of weakness and loneliness at the Copenhagen airport duty free store, where I was waiting 4 hours in between 2 flights and I made friend with one of the sells-girl. I think she was bored too, because she took 30 minutes to put on an eye liner and some eye shadow on my eyes. In the end it was OK, I didn’t want to buy anything but I felt guilty, so began looking for something cheap, when I met this little one. It’s actually a “mineralize eye shadow”, which means that it contains way more mineral pigments than a normal eye-shadow. Therefore the color is brighter and stronger, and the hold is incomparable. It also means that it was not cheap at all, but I would never have been able to continue living, knowing that it existed and I didn’t have it …

I have used that eye shadow mostly for the outside corner of my eye. Because of his darkness, no need to blend another dark shadow with it. Used it a tiny bit under the eyes as well, combined this time with a dark brown powder. For the inner corner I applied my wonderful and very much loved Caviar Stick from Laura Mercier, and in the center of the eye lid, some golden glitters from Make Up Forever that I’ve had for at least 5 years and that I use maybe twice a year but I’d never throw away. I tried not to blend too much the top part, to keep a rock and roll effect, and to make the eye look sharper. Thanks to my hooded lids, you can’t see much of it therefore it was more relevant to have it triangle-cut. To finish, one or two layers of the They’re real Mascara from Benefit, and Gimme Brow from Benefit as well on the eyebrows.

I associated that golden brown smoky make up with a warm color on my cheeks, something from Max Factor that is called Chestnut. As well my lipstick is a shade darker than nude, slightly brown, but very neutral still. I was working it to go to work after all ! But still, the masterpiece here was the eyes, therefore a red on the lips would have been vulgar.

Bisous bisous ;)