One of my very dear friends has a father who works in advertisement. I don’t know what he does really, but he comes back home with samples of products he helped shooting the add for. And when I say sample, I mean full sized product. That very dear friend of mine does not wear make up … Hehehe :D During one of my last visit in Paris I saw the Rouge Edition Velvet by Bourgeois in her bathroom, Hot Pepper, exactly the color that I wanted, and she neglectfully said, I’ve never worn that stuff, just take it if you want. Léa, I love you so much !

FSCN0931This “stuff”, as she dared call it, is the perfect mix between a lipstick and a gloss. It does look like a gloss, but it is way creamier, and dries on your lips after a few minutes. You can eat whatever you want, drink whatever you want, kiss whoever you want, no trace of it anywhere, it will just magically stays on your lips ! It is however more liquid than a regular lipstick and you apply it like a gloss. You kind of build it on your lips, actually. The more you put, the deeper the color becomes. I’ve had a lot of trouble making my camera capture that amazing, poppy flower color (yeah, blame in on the camera, not on your shit pictures skill…) but it is actually very bright and lively. I think that is the color that goes perfectly for medium-dark skins like mine, but also for darker skins, as much as for red-haired. I would advice to keep it simple on the eyes, unless you are going to a gala or you’re gonna have lunch with Christina Aguilera. Just a dark eye-shadow in the fold of your eye to make your glance deeper, mascara of course. What is the most important would be the complexion. It should be as perfect as can be, so the mouth doesn’t look vulgar, but still is highlighted.

Bisous bisous :*