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Yesterday was the first day of Spring, and although it was snowing here in Stockholm, it means that sunny days are coming ! And sunny days mean beach days, and beach days means bikini. Now is the time to do something about our cellulite, isn’t it ? Not that I have much of it, but nothing at all would be even better.

DSCN0889Some of you say that water biking and any kind of sport can help in that matter. I’ve heard of that theory, however there is no proof sports is good for you, it actually hurts as hell, therefore I decided to be prudent and not try that … Instead I spent a good part of my day looking for THE home-made scrub to help cellulite leave my thighs gently but quickly. When my boyfriend came back home and I explained my researches and my new recipe, his reaction was “you must have been so bored today!”

Mix an equal proportion of body moisturizer with oil. I have chosen for mine a hand cream (I have a body moisturizer but it smells way too good to be used for such purposes) and alimentary olive oil. Add to that coffee grounds, as much as you like, the more the scrubbier ! If you have some lemon essential oil you can add a few drops, but I didn’t have any and I am in a no-buy period, so the coffee was enough for me. Coffee is supposed to energize your skin and make your cells move around, removing the cellulite. As for the lemon, it is good for oily and fat skin, and helps remove the excess sebum for instance.

Just apply on your thighs during the shower, rub it and massage it, and wash it off. I have tried today only so it’s too soon to tell, but it is said to work in 1 or 2 weeks ! Finger crossed, ladies. Bisous bisous ;)