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As promised, here is my haul Kiko ! I bought most of these in Paris 2 weeks ago, and a few of these in Madrid a few days after. I have not had time to try all of them, this is why I think a haul is very often boring, because not constructive, but I will comment on the products I have already tried, and you are welcome to ask for any other review.

I bought SO MANY eye shadows ! I actually bought that one a little while ago, online. I knew I was going to Paris but I just couldn’t wait :D I have used the 2 green ones and the blue one for that make up, and the brown, coral and beige ones for that one. Except the one on the top row in the middle (which sucks), they are all very nice to use. After applying a eye base, from Kiko as well, they will blend smoothly together and hold on your skin, for a pearly result.

These colors are AWESOME ! They fit me so well, especially that absolutely gorgeous golden sparkling one. I haven’t tried these other two, for the very good reason that I already have the Sleek palette See you at Midnight that is also in the same kind of pink and purple shade. If you want to know exactly the shade reference of any above, don’t hesitate to ask.

Then we’ve got a very light, elegant blush, that comes in a sophisticated little package. The one on the left is pink, a little too bright for me, and the other one, a peachy tone, is just amazing. It makes your skin resplendent, glowing with health and youth, in a yet very natural way. You should of course blend these two, or use the peach one as a highlighter, and I probably will when summer comes, but as of now I am very happy with the peach one only, the 2 of them could be a bit heavy. And the blue mascara, that I have already showed you on that post, which I am totally satisfied with.

Lipsticks now, aka what I love the most in the whole make up process. The gloss is exactly the same color as my lips, but it makes them shine a bit, and allows me to draw a perfect form. I am not the biggest fan of glosses so I haven’t used that one that much, but with a heavy smoky make up on the eyes I guess it would be perfect, for the nude color and the discreet texture. As for the other one, which is a perfect dupe of the Diva one from MAC. It is dark indeed, in between dark cherry and brown, with a touch of brick in it, very hard to describe. I wanted to take a picture of my lips with it but I was just going out of the shower/scrub/mask/lotion/serum/moisturizing, I didn’t want to have to go through all that again, so I just didn’t, but don’t worry it will come !

And the nail polish, haven’t tried any of them yet, but I’m planning to as soon as I finish to write this note. Hope you enjoyed reading it ! Bisous bisous ;)