OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is Friday evening, end of my very long and painful week, and what am I doing instead of going to bed and sleep the 15 hours straight that I would need ? I’m here taking pictures of my foundation, searching for the right angle, the right light … That’s to say how much I like writing here!

So today kids, now that spring is on it’s way, we’re starting to hang outside and not hide home anymore, let’s talk complexion, let’s talk contouring. I’m not saying that you should paint half of your face white, half of your face brown, blend the whole thing, to look as vulgar as Kim Kardashian. You can do that in a more subtle way. Coutouring is the art of playing with the form of your face, the volumes, and how the lights comes on it and shapes it. It’s highlighting some part and putting in shade some other parts, to look as natural but as healthy and fresh as possible.

Start of course by cleaning and moisturizing your face, and applying a primer, especially on the nose, forehead, chin and cheekbones. Then with a flat brush, apply a light concealer on your forehead, nose and beginning of the cheeks, and on your chin, basically on the center vertical line on your face. I am using a very good one from Sephora, it does it job, and you don’t have to spend 3 times the price in the Yves St Laurent one. You need a tiny bit, no need to become flour white, just lighten that zone.

Then the foundation. I have just recently started using a liquid one, was very into powder before that, so for me even a very fluid one can be too covering. The trick I use is, apply some on my hand, as well as a moisturizing gel from Clinique, that will make it even more light on the skin but will not alter the color. It is kind of creating your own BB cream ! Just blend it with the tail of a little brush, and apply with a big powder brush, on your cheeks, temples, around and bellow the chin, basically everywhere else. Be careful to blend it so the limit foundation / concealer doesn’t show !

You can apply some bronzer, again with a flat brush, under your cheekbones. The effect will be “they are big so they create shade”, so be careful to really stay right bellow the line. Try sucking in your cheeks, a whole will form : apply there! But if you think your cheekbones are showy enough, a bit of blush above it will be as nice ! It is supposed to say “the sun is right above me and creates a colorful hale on my face” so really on the top part of the cheeks, little bit on the nose if it’s not a too bright color. To complete that effect, just a touch of bronzer will do the trick right above the eyebrows.

On that picture is my lovely sister who accepted to pose for me. I finished with smoky eyes, a bit heavier that I would have liked but it turned out nice anyway. You can find out HERE how to master it.


Bisous bisous ;)