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DSCN0838Remember yesterday when I told you that I was going to present you in today’s article my haul from Kiko ? Well I LIED ! Yes, life is tough, the world is cruel, people lie to you, get used to it … Today I got a shitty day, and one of the very few moment when I smiled was when my colleague Tamara met me in the kitchen and told me she loved my blue make up. Here is to that then !

Well I did buy my blue mascara at Kiko so that lie is actually only a half-lie. In Marrakesh I visited the Yves Saint Laurent Gardens, with a memorial to his name, cactus everywhere, and deep blue houses and wholes around it. That is what inspired me when I bought the Super Color Blue Mascara from Kiko. Well, that, and the fact that it was 50% off and that the brown one was sold out.

I also have a blue Mascara from Sephora but, I’m sorry I’m gonna sound harsh, that one is shit. My lashes are very thick and very black, right, but applying that one or not applying anything at all gives the same result. I like the brush because it separates the lashes from each other, but nothing gets blue, trust me. I still used it as a down coat, and then applied the Kiko one over it. It did not change much for the length or the volume, but then again I have nothing to complain about really, however the color was just amazing ! I combined it with a dark blue Kohl pencil from Elle on the wet line of my eyes, which I usually never do because it makes my eyes look smaller, but today it felt right for some reason. And for the smokey, pretty much the same as here.

Bisous bisous ;)