That is why I have not written earlier. I can’t really say I am sorry, I had such an awesome time ! Stayed one week in Paris, France, then had a romantic 5 days with my lovely boyfriend in Marrakesh, Morocco, and 2 little days in Madrid, Spain on the way back. I will post a few pictures that I took during that trip. In the meantime, (because I took 600 pictures that I need to sort out, because I bought way too many skincare and make up products that I have to review, because I have a lot of catching up to do in my real life), I give my very own recipe of Parmesan and green olives cookies.


200 grams of grated Parmesan and 150 grams of flour you will mix with your hands that you will have washed as you have never washed them before. Then 150 gr of half melted butter you will add, and with your bare hands you will knead them all together, until you get a rather compact dough. Yes, like Yoda I speak, and the right to do so I have.

You think your dough is a bit dry and you are tempted to add butter ? Do NOT. Or I mean, you can gain 1000 calories per cookie if you want, not my problem ;) Add 100 grams of olives rather, that you will have sliced up, the smaller the better. The water that is left on them and their oily texture will help the dough get more compact.

Spread the dough on a flat surface with a rolling pin, as thin as you can. Start from a corner, and using a small glass, make wholes in the dough to cut out the cookies. Lay them on a super super buttery tray, with 2cm in between each. That is the long, annoying, meticulous, fastidious (non exhaustive list) part of the job. But it ends at some point ! Put the tray in the oven, 10 minutes with 180°. I said 10 minutes ! Remove that tray, even if you think they are not cooked. They will dry up in the fresh air in a few more minutes.

These cookies have been made with love by my little sister, and she nailed them, as you can see! The recipe is perfect when you have guests for an aperitif but don’t want to serve boring chips. You will need some time to bake it though, especially if you double the proportions. But these little biscuits are both so fancy and so tasteful, it’s worth it every time !

Will come soon : another recipe of that kind, pictures from my amazing trip, reviews from all the many make up and skincare products I bought.

Bisous bisous ;)