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I am really sorry I didn’t write yesterday, I was sick so not much energy to write, and also nothing interesting to write about … Today I staid home as well but I found occupation. As I have not been out for 2 days it was the perfect opportunity to wash my make up brushes, as they take 6 to 8 hours to dry and I obviously wouldn’t wear make up to stay in bed …

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATo do so, just take the brush with head down above your sink, and under clear water, tub it against a bar of soap, whatever soap you have, until the foam is white. Wring it using only your hands, no towel and NO hair drier ! Put it on a table like shown on the picture : the brush mustn’t touch anything or the hair will stick together and you will ruin it. The big brushes that you use for foundation or blush you should wash every month, maximum, if you want to avoid it to get too dirty and soil your skin with bacteria, or just ruin your complexion with dry foundation still stuck on it. For the little ones, used for the eye shadow, you can do it a bit more seldom, every 2 months for instance. However, if you have few of them, I would recommend to wash them just to avoid mixing up the colors from your eye-shadows when using the brush.

The other big advantage when you are sick is that your nose is on off mode, so you can use as much polish-nail remover, base coat, polish nail and top coat that you won’t, you’re not have to smell it! I have used for my hands a matte red from Une, color C07. You actually don’t need a top coat because it is very shinny and stays on the nail a long time before starting crackling up. And for my toes, a metallic orange from &Other Stories (the shade is called Birrus Rust but it is not sold anymore).

And finally, because you already slept 15 hours so you’re not tired but you have absolutely no energy to do anything whatsoever : masks ! Don’t forget to scrub your face first with an exfoliating lotion. The one I used is Refined Finish by Benefit, that is rough enough to really eliminate your little dead skins, yet very gentle for sensitive skins, and that smells fresh and clean. After a scrub, ALWAYS apply a mask : otherwise it’s like opening the pores of your skin and letting them wide open for any bacteria or little dirts to get in! The mask will depend on the type of skin you have. I put white clay on my T-Zone to purify it, and pink clay and aloe vera mixed on the rest of my face to hydrate and soothe it. After 2 days spent inside my apartment, my skin needed it!

Back to work tomorrow, wish me luck! Bisous bisous ;)