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With a weather like that, of course I fell sick again ! :( In that kind of situation, you can only stay at home with 3 pillows and 2 blankets, with a book, tissues and litters of tea. One of my favorite tea brands is Kusmi. It comes from Paris, it smells wonderful, comes in super cute boxes, and uses ingredients like cinnamon, cardamom, pink pepper, orange, lemon grass, etc … to create that unique taste. A bit stronger than the Mariage Frères that I was telling you about in my previous article, maybe less subtle, but as marvelous.

But after napping for 3 hours you get hungry. And let’s be honest here, chips and chocolate don’t cure. What does ? Soup! I give you the laziest and easiest soup recipe ever! You will need 1 leek, 1 zucchini, 1 bunch of coriander, 1 big potato (or red lentils if you are on a low carb diet). Super-extra-wash your hands and the veggies before cooking, you’re sick. Slice everything up in tiny pieces, as you will not mix it in the end. Remember when I said lazy-easy ? Here are a few tips :

  • Cut a cross in the end of a leek and slice it : it will directly fall into quarters of slices and you won’t have to chop it up again !
  • You can use the same technique with the zucchini, even making a double cross so the pieces are even smaller.
  • For the potatoes, slice them and pile them up, it will become super easy to make dices. You don’t need to peel it, it adds a crusty feeling when you eat it.
  • Slice ALL the coriander, not just the leaves. Everything is eatable.

Put everything in a big saucepan, add 1 or 2 liters of water, depending on how watery you like it. 1 cube of bouillon to add more taste, 1 spoon of red curry paste (or as much as you like, really) to spice it up, salt and pepper, low heat, cover, … and forget about it ! Go back to sleep, go and do whatever you want to do (or are able to do, which is not much right now…) You don’t have anything else to do except wait! Of course if you are in a hurry you can put it on medium heat and it’s ready in 15 minutes, but even then if you forget and come back 45 minutes later it will taste the same. The other great thing about that soup is that you’ll have food for at least 4 meals, especially if your loved one doesn’t like it …

No bisous bisous tonight, never know how these things travel … but take care ;)