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Happy Valentines day lovely birds ! I must say mine has been great ! I’m really not into the overly-romantic stereotypical movie-like events so we went light today. Well, except my darling boyfriend got me breakfast and roses in the morning <3 And then we went to a butterflies house. Alright alright, it was a bit cheesy … But it was so much fun ! And for the occasion, and also because I received my order from Kiko yesterday, I have practiced a butterfly-smoky eyes!

For this I have used the exact same technique as in my first post about the smoky, except I have changed the colors. I used the Voodoo Fever by Make up Store, a apple-green eye shadow that I had received in my previous Glossy Box and that I had no idea what to do with because of its very weird and unwearable color. I blended it in the mobile eyelid, but super blended with 3 Kiko eye shadows, 2 dark green on the external eyelid and in the fold, and a night blue at the edge of the lashes. The white-pearly powder under everything and up to the eyebrow, and then a last touch in the middle of the eyelid, to give light and volume to your eyes. I chose a slightly blue mascara (that it not supposed to be just slightly blue, but that just sucks …) and a touch of the caviar stick by Laura Mercier, in color Rose Gold, in the inner corner and under the eye, from that corner the middle, to give an impression of freshness and of “I just slept 12 hours and am perfectly awake and not tired at all”. And of course mascara.

I was also extremely happy of how my contouring turned out (contouring : the art of creating volumes and shapes on your face, on the cheekbones, nose, forehead, jaw, etc … using different colors, to highlight some parts and shade some others). I used the brightening concealer that I bought at Sephora a few days ago and that works amazingly well. (Check that article to see all the products that I used and am listing now) When I think I was about to pay 3 times the price for a YSL one ! I applied it all over my T zone to create light, and then applied a liquid foundation from Sephora as well, mixed with some moisturizing cream, on the cheeks and temples. Add a bronzer to that with a flat brush under your cheekbones, around your chin and on the temples again, and a tiiinny bit on the sides of your nose. Then the blush with a really smooth brush, over your cheekbones. I have used the lipstick Plumb by Make up Store, that is way less bright than it looks on the picture. Tada !

And to brighten your day, I will leave you with the marvelous butterfly and exotic flowers pictures I took today. Enjoy, bisous bisous ;)