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Yesterday my good friend Fernando P. told me he was gonna bake a pizza for dinner, and I thought it’d be super fun to try it myself. My grandma bakes them so well, so I called her for the recipe. Let’s say around 250 gr of flour, she said, and a glass of water, and some baking powder. How big is your glass of water, I ask ? Well I don’t know, a glass. Yes but a big Ikea glass , a stein, a shot glass ? I don’t know, a glass. And if it’s not enough you add some ! … Alright, and once I put it in the oven, how long, how warm, I ask ? Between 150° and 200°, and you take it off when you see it’s cooked. Typical …

What you need for real is : 250 grams of flour with 1 deciliter of water and a little spoon of baking soda diluted in the water. Add to that 1 big spoon of olive oil, and salt. Now forget about forks or whips, just wash your hands and knead the dough. It’s gonna be super sticky in the beginning and tangle around your fingers, and then it will stick together as it gets more homogeneous. If it is indeed to liquid or too compact, add some flour (spoon by spoon) or water (drop by drop). Do NOT wipe your hands on your dark pants, especially if they are new and they are the most expensive pair you have … While the dough rests a bit prepare the sauce : chop and stir fry a little onion in a sauce pan with some more olive oil and oregano, add 350 gr of tomato coulis. Cook on low heat. Fry on the side some bacon, and add it to the sauce.

Once the dough has rested, just 10 15 minutes are enough, sprinkle some flour on a tray and spread the dough over it. I am sorry for all the pizza purists that are going to hate me right now, but I spread it using a tool, not with my bare hands, I literally have no muscle in my arms and it was useless to try. Even worse : as I have no rolling pin, I used a beer can. It works perfectly ! Spread it as thin as you can, and pour the sauce on it. Add as much mozzarella and grated cheese as you want, and some black olives. Put it in the oven (that you heated before starting baking) and leave it 15 minutes at 180°.

Bon appétit, bisous bisous ;)