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Because I love my little sister so much, and because I am so very late for Christmas presents, today I went to Lush to get her a little something. I was checking the super nice Valentine soaps, and something greenish caught my eyes, between the fresh masks and the cleansers. The sells-girl jumped on me again and said it was the Mask of Magnaminty. Haaa, that’s why it’s green !

Indeed, there is Mint in it, to freshen up your skin and boost it, and to attack the imperfections and sebum excess. But it also contains vanilla and honey, to soothe the skin, comfort and protect it. You can use it as a mask, after having used a good scrub like the Dark Angels by Lush as well, rubbing it all over your face in a thick layer and waiting 10 to 15 minutes. It smells so good and it freshens you up, you feel like your brain is actually waking up ! You can also use it as a scrub, as there are crushed almonds in it, or as a cleanser. “Everyday”, she said again. Of course darling.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen, because everyone kept talking about it, because the long winter and the cold make my skin very dry, because I am sick of the moisturizers that just grease up my skin without actually moisturizing it, and because there was a 25% discount at the drugstore, I bought the Cold Cream by Avene. It is real greasy too, but my skin is just drinking all of it so fast, it feels like it’s working ! It’s the kind of product people who hike in the mountains apply (or should apply) on their skin to protect it from the cold. I guess I’m as ready as can be ! A bit late, we’re half of February already, better late than never.

And this is a picture of what’s waiting for you in tomorrow’s article : home made pizza !

Bisous bisous ;)