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I was super excited today to show you my new glasses, freshly came from the opticians. However, because of a time and energy wasting afternoon, it seems like I will not have them today. I will not get into the details, you just need to know how horribly pissed I am right now. I thought nothing could cheer me up, but my feet led me straight to the closest Sephora, and my smile came back. I met a French sells-girl who I talked to for 15 minutes, and she gave me lots of advice … and SAMPLES ! A night mask from Clarins, moisturizing gel from Clinique, and some liquid foundation. I am usually more into powder foundation, like the loose powder from Une, but why not give it a try !


Then I thought I’d need some brushes. As all of us I’ve been brainwashed by the Real Technic ones, that are good indeed, but … I don’t know, there’s something missing. I found some interesting ones in H&M, that seem very fluffy, super soft, dense but not too dense. Also I really like the white and golden handle, thought it looked very 60s / 70s. And speaking of 60s, I bought a gorgeous yellow skirt, at H&M as well. It was tagged on sale but it was actually not, and that makes it even more beautiful to me.

And to finish, because I belong to the 60s and am very modern for that time, I bought a frozen pizza ;) Bisous bisous !