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It has been a while since I have wanted to talk to you about one of my favorite stores : & Other Stories. I first discovered it in Stockholm and then went there in pilgrimage during one of my trips to Paris, and both stores ravish me. They are actually one of H&M’s sister companies, except the quality is much higher, and the design is infinitely more interesting and less standard. I am not a fan of their ready-to-wear collection, really, a bit too rich-hipster for me. But they also design shoes and have their own brand of make up and skin care, which I am absolutely in love with.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe smell is called ” Soft citrus wrapped in caramelised brown sugar”. It smells so good that you wish licking your own arm was morally accepted. The solid soap gets very foamy and it just slides all over your body when washing it. Super smooth either with a bath glove or just your hands. The whole bathroom smells like sweet lemon grass and feels very cozy. Then the “body soufflé” which is in between the body butter and the moisturizing cream. Extremely soft and thick as whipped cream, you can apply it all over your body massaging a bit. It will soothe your skin and make you feel fresh. You can also just rub some on your neck in the morning, and no need for perfume ! I also got a sample for shower gel, called “punk bouquet”, perfumed with vanilla and rose. I think I’ll buy it full size …

Their make up is pretty good too ! DSCN0194Very pigmented, the colors are intense on your eyes, lips, or nails. I tried on the picture here, an aubergine eye shadow and an eye liner of the same color. The eye shadow comes in a package inspired by BareMinerals, except the brush is more pointy. That should allow more precision, which is essencial when doing a smoky eye, however there is too much powder in the container in my opinion, and when you take the brush off, the powder gets everywhere, so you really need to be careful. If you are just paining all your lid in the same color it’s perfect though ! On the contrary, the eye liner brush is super super thin, almost too much, and very easy to use. Same aubergine color, it goes so well with dark skins, but also should be very nice for red-haired! And the 2 pink-ish lines that you see are lip pencils. One is dark-beige, and the other one coral. I like natural lip pencils, it can be so vulgar when it is too dark ! But these are really perfect for my lips. Not to dry or greasy, they apply perfectly and allow a very nice contouring, making your lips look perfectly shaped.

I also completely fell for that little black and green, half cotton half leather make up pouch, that I have absolutely no need for, but was 75% off. I’m sure I can find something to put in. You can also find in that store different brands such as Eyeko, Benefit, Dr. Bronner, and theBalm, my ultimate *coup de coeur* to which I will dedicate an article later on.

Bisous bisous ;)